Frequently Asked Questions



For how long can I access my E-OL course?


Your course is accessible for 90 days.


Can I login multiple times and on different computers to complete the course?


Yes. You can start the course on one computer, and complete it on another computer. You can log in as many times as you would like during the 90 days duration.


I do not know my user name and password, what do I do?


Please contact NHPCO’s provider solution center at  or 800 646 6460


Can I work offline?


No you must be connected to the internet to complete your courses


Is special equipment required?


All you need to take part is a computer and Internet connection. Be sure that the audio is set to the volume you desire.


How is the audio projected in E-OL Courses?

Audio (sound) is projected through your computer speakers. Be sure your computer is equipped with speakers or a headset for maximum participation.


Can I purchase multiple courses at the same time?


Absolutely! You can make multiple purchases from our website:


How do I earn continuing education credit?


Continuing Education credit (CE/CME), as applicable, is available immediately upon completing the course. Go to your transcript from the home page top menu bar and print certificate


Who is eligible to receive continuing education/continuing medical education for E-OL courses? 


E-OL courses are designed for individual learning. Only the person who registered for the course will be able to complete the course requirements and receive CE/CME credit upon successful completion of the course.  

NHPCO provides opportunities for group participation through its Webinar series, where an unlimited number of people are able to receive credit for participating:


Im having trouble with pop-up blockers; what do I do?


Please ensure that all pop-up blockers are turned off. You can turn off all pop-up blockers by holding down the control (ctrl) key on your keyboard. Keep it held down until a new browser window opens. You can also turn off pop-up blockers by clicking on ‘tools’ from the top menu bar of the web page, then select pop-up blocker and proceed to disable. 


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