Inclusion and Access: The Managers Role

Hospice managers play a key role in their organization’s practices regarding inclusion and access. Managers must demonstrate the core hospice values of inclusion as leaders and change agents. Inclusion is a cornerstone of all programs, services, policies and procedures. Inclusion means changing the current paradigm from one of offering services and marketing them to communities to one of including members of diverse and underserved populations throughout the organization. Ensuring access requires that you honestly assess yourself, your organization and your community with open eyes and a willingness to admit that there is work to be done.

Inclusion and access matter because they enhance organizational culture, improve employee satisfaction and retention, and increase organizational flexibility and creativity. This module will lead you through self, organizational and community assessments. It will help you determine where you have successes to celebrate and challenges to address. Though your participation, you will become more aware and attuned to the importance of inclusion and access, and gain resources to help you influence the development of an inclusive organization.

CE/CME Credit Available: Nurse

1.0 hours