Complementary Therapies: Designing, Funding, Training, & Integrating a Volunteer Program into your Hospice Services

Complementary Therapies have taken their place as valuable resources that enhance the hospice experience, providing symptom control, support and emotional comfort at the end of life. Today it is widely recognized that complementary modalities ease the nervous system’s response to fear, nurture and provide expressive outlets for those we care for in all stages of the dying process.  Many hospice organizations would like to see complementary therapy use expand into mainstream practices with regular access to massage, music, art, pet therapies and others.  One way to increase access to complementary care is to focus the vision and grow a formal Complementary Therapy Volunteer Program.  In this presentation, you will learn about sustainable program models and identify the steps needed to both develop and integrate them into your hospice services.

No CE/CME Credit Available

1.0 hours