Managing Conflict in the Workplace - August 3 2020

This course takes place from August 3 - August 31 2020

The ability to manage conflict in the workplace is a key skill for hospice managers. In this Level II module, you will learn about the nature and styles of conflict, skills needed to address conflict and effective strategies for managing it. 

Conflict is part of human nature, and because each of us brings unique values, goals, beliefs, ideas and needs to our work, conflict is inevitable. Curiously, it is these differences in who we are and how we see things that define the strength of the interdisciplinary organization, and the reason that teams bring such a wealth of resources to bear in working with patients and families. These strengths, however, can become challenges and weaknesses if conflict is not understood, addressed and managed effectively. Managers help employees improve their abilities to function more effectively in team environments when they understand the nature of conflict and how to manage it in the workplace.