Managing Workplace Negativity - October 19, 2020

This course takes place from October 19 – November 16 2020

The ability to manage workplace negativity is a key skill for hospice managers. Working in an environment where there is negativity, poor attitude, apathy, frustration and related issues adds stress and breeds dissatisfaction. In the hospice environment, where the work itself is very emotionally charged, it is vital that managers are competent in understanding, identifying and addressing workplace negativity. Unless intervention occurs, workplace negativity can lead to poor morale and lack of trust in the overall organization, its goals and significantly impact employee and volunteer retention. Equally important, negative employees are incapable of providing the exceptional quality of care that is the hallmark of hospice and palliative care. This module will provide hospice managers with key information about negativity in the workplace and, more importantly, intervention skills to manage it.